What is the Jodo?

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The Jodo is Shinto Muso Ryu in origin. That is created by Muso Gonnnosuke who is Miyamoto Musashi contemporaries.
in 1956, Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo(SMR Jodo) joined with All Japan Kendo Federation(AJKF) and in1968, Ryuji Shimizu and Otsufuji Ishizou established The Jodo of AJKF. Generally speaking the Jodo is the Jodo of AJKF that has the most largest population practicing the Jodo at now.
Originally, we use Jyojyutu that is practical and dangerous as Hosyujyutu. But, for propagating widely, we use for training Jodo Kata that is adjustment from SMR Jyojyutsu and Japan Kendo Kata and improved them.
The contents is the Jodo Kata use the Jo what is moderate length of your reach. And the Jo sends out an infinite variety of waza (Ustu,Tsuku,Harau) as symmetry.
We use the Jo what is 128cm in length, 24mm in diameter and is made from Japanese white oak(shira-kashi).
The Shinto Musoryu Jojyutu(the SMR Jyojyutu) group are generally in line with this standard.
But in primary, the precisely length of the Jo is considered the height from feet to the chest.
And the SMR Jyojyutu uses the sword what is 101.5cm in length, 24.2cm in a haft length and is made from Japanese white oak.
In All Japan Kendo Federation(AJKF) has the two patterns for training. The one is called “Kihon Jyunihon”(Basic 12 patterns) that is training single or with the Jodo partner. The other is called “Jodo Kata(Kunimkata)Jyunihon”(the Jodo 12 patterns/combination 12 patterns) that is training for attacking and defense with the Jodo partner.
When we attacking the Jodo partner as “Uchi” we utter like “Ei!” and when we attack it as “Tsuki”, we utter like “Hoh!” with strength.
There are “Kata Enbu” match and Dankyu Kuraisei match in the AJKF Jodo. And the AJKF has a branch office in each place, they act as a Dojo unit. The AJKF has been held since 1974 every years.

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How many costs for starting the Jodo?

It costs 2,000yen as entrance fee and 1,000yen as a monthly fee in Tama JodoKai. It except a training camp and the others. If you take an examination to promote to higher rank, you have to belong to the AJKF. It takes an admission fee for every years. And you need an examination fee and a registration fee for them.
And equipments of the Jodo fee are follows:

The Jo About 3,000yen
The Sword About 6,000yen(It’s a little bit expensive because this sword guard made from cow skin.)
And other equipments of the Jodo For example, Uniform(dogi,hakama,dogi-obi) and name card.
It costs about 20,000yen in all.

※We lend these equipments for a beginner for a while. It is OK to wear a jersey or other casual wears, but you have to use these equipments when you take a examination for promoting to a higher rank.
Anyway, you will be fascinated these cool equipments soon.

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Is it safety?

The Jodo is KataBudo(formation of various movements). The principal objective of the Jodo is the correct action, and the training for the suitable distance with the partner. Some people misunderstand the Jodo may be injured because the Jodo doesn’t use face guards and gloves.so, if you play the jodo, you need taking time for the training for polishing the body and the spirits. And you always need to be respectful toward the Jodo partner, and you will be not injured.

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What kind of people are there in the Tama Jodo Kai?

If you go to the Jodo meet, you can see various people. They are young and old both sexes and regardless of nationality. Of course, the member of Tama Jodo Kai are regardless of young and old of both sexes and jobs. They are twenty and eighty.

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