An instructor

Mitsuru Yamaguchi Sensei

Mitsuru Yamaguchi Sensei

An instructor of Nihon JodoKai, Tama JodoKai, Kodaira KobudoKai

He holds Menkyo kaiden (full transmission in the art) in Shindo Muso Ryu jodo (SMR)
and Menkyo of Isshin Ryu Kusarigama, Ikkaku Ryu Jitte Jyutu.

The AJKF Jodo Kyoshi 7-dan, Iai Kyoshi 7-dan

The effectiveness of Jodo

1. Cultivate a good manner, faith, honesty, an ability of awareness and mind, the spirit that transcends the area that can be recognized by the body and a read the spirit of a readiness.

2. The Jodo will make your body and spirit strong and you will have lively action(you can be quick on the uptake).

3. The Jodo will give you a Judgment and decision, so you can behave calmly and with confidence.

4. You will have good posture and manner.

5. You will surmise what ready means others and cultivate working well with the others.