we camped together for training 5月 12.2012

Tama JodoKai camped together for training from 12th to 13th in May 2012 for the first time.
The place is “the Nature house of Tama” where is at the foot of Mt Yatsugatake in Nagano.
This house are used by children as an open-air school in the forest
(there are blessed with mountain resources),
and also used by families or Senior groups.
This is enriched the institution, and many citizens love it.
And these lodgings are made by wood, either a gymnasium that is from the floor to the ceiling.
By the way, it was still chill at mountain area, through the end of the golden week, and the floor of gymnasium was frozen like a ice.
But we were getting sweat starting to do training of Jodo.
We did the training at the full of the two days. we did the SMR Jodo,(Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo: it’s also called Koryu)and Seitei Gata 12 hon(the 12 of established Kata ) at this time, a few people joined our camp for training from the Kodaira KobudoKai.
Finally, we backed to Tokyo safety with pleasant fatigue.
There are a friendly atmosphere at the camp. And we want to do it for next year.
The following, there are archives of the camp.(▼click for full size)









thank you!