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The Jodo is an intangible cultural asset that have been over for four hundred years in Japan.
The Jodo was created by Muso Gonnosuke the time of battle of Sekigahara,
the history tell that Muso Gonnosuke won the most famous Japanese sword-man, Miyamoto Musashi using by the Jodo.
The Jodo using the Jo(it’s called “the stick” in English) what is 128cm made by a white oak.
The Jodo training your body and spirit.
Why don’t you training for the Jodo together?

An outline

Belonging to The Tokyo Kendo Federation the Jodo department.


All Japan Kendo Federation(AJKF) Jodo
Shinto-Muso Ryu Jodo, Uchida-ryū tanjōjutsu, Kasumi Shintō-ryū kenjutsu, Isshin-ryū kusarigamajutsu, and etc.

Date Every Wednesday and Thursday
Time From 18:30 to 21:30
Place Tamashiritsu Uriu school MAP
Admission fee 2,000 yen
A monthly fee 1,500yen

regardless young and old men and women.